Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Dear rapists,

My Dear rapists,
It’s always excite me to think and write about your greatness. Your survival spirit is much bigger than the bamboo or grass. Our great history has few gems like you and you glitter the torn pages sometime with your presence. But these days, the recent past your footprints became clearer and shining like stars.      

History of the east is full of story of the dominating males (mainly kings and Ksatriyas) who took females in their possession as they were goods. Only difference between you and them is the gender of the enemy. They won the women’s heart and body by defeating other males in war. But you snatch them forcefully by defeating their carefully hidden priceless “Abru”. You are happy with that small thing. Just for few minute, half satisfaction total winning effigy. That’s fine, at least it’s free. You love to dip your beak no matter how many corn you pick.

World is moving forward. Society is moving too. But no one thinks to preserve the past. You step forward and took this heavy burden on your shoulder and here you go. The ancient terror is preserved beautifully. 

Your simplicity touches my heart. Visit, Eat and Escape. Don’t look back to the leftovers. Someone will definitely clean that. We have to live for others, not for us only. If you don’t do your jobs properly how come the police, lawyer, news media, self-defence coaching clubs will survive. And what will be the discussion point in tea table. India is thankful to you to place her in second runner up position. Your omnipresence glamorize your potential of destruction. You are now king of teenage girl’s heart. The almighty king of fear. 

I really feel pity for Mr Che Guevara that he didn’t meet any of you. Otherwise he should definitely learn some of your Guerrilla warfare technique and should not face the untimely death. All of sudden you come out of nowhere and get some fresh girls hymen and go back to the secure shelter of politician. That skill is mind blowing. You are the best weapon created by politics. Your little crackers much more effective than of the atom bomb. Sorry to mention about your cracker. But the single cracker and two small bomb will definitely stop the third world war. It’s just the preparation. From Nanking to Congo, Chechnya to Iraq you’re and your crackers were the mortars. You are the reason to start the revolutions. Where military force ends, your force starts and conquer the rest. 

I appreciate your team work. We cannot win alone. We should change the story of the one stick and multiple stick in the text book with your stories. A male is stronger than a female physically, but mentally they are weaker. Your team effort break that too. Dhananjay did that alone and died. You do it in groups and get settled in jail and continue your inspiring campaign from inside the jail like Bhagat Singh. I love the thought of your sharing mentality. The sweet meat of teenage girl you share without fighting. Your game should be the part of the HR game in IT sector.  Gang rape is a jaw breaking example of team building.

You also put a great effort of stopping westernization. If a dad oppose his kid’s miniskirt; she left home, but returned back when you teach proper lesson to her. Religion condemn her vigorously, but praises you. If flower doesn’t hide the pollen then butterfly will definitely come. You re-established the fact by sitting on the uncovered food as fly and vomit. Women empowerment is bullshit. Grasses also flowers though they are muddled under boot. To produce the beautiful flower the grass needs to be shaped regularly, otherwise they will grow like bamboo. What a thought. If Ganesh reincarnate, another Mahabharata will definitely would produce.

No one thought about the beautiful kid’s meat before you. Before it ripe and become sweeter make the pickle. Ripe mangoes used only as a fruit but from the dried mango you can do lo-o-o-o-t of things. Kids get chance to play first with you, the best game in the world. How lucky they are. Rather giving them worthless bookish sex education you teach it to them practically. Within few hour they became adult, just like magic. Actually you know, I think that’s very beneficial. Child age is really a burden of society. Fruitless investment. You solve the problem by selling them and there is no problem if it is a waste. Pouch pack, easy to burn. Optimization of resources.

You see all women equal. They may be ugly, untouchable, dirty, or rejected by others, you accept them wide heartedly.  You present your body extract to those who was completely dejected by other male eyes. Foul smelly dustbin dweller dirty girl also get pregnant because of you. People earn and donate, but you donate your precious body drops. What a great donor we have.

Male polygamy is medieval thought, female needs that too. You can torture female but cannot deprive them from their rights. You understand that fact firstly and helped them to get taste of many male; only for few minutes but you arranged. They gave blessing to you in their torn dress and bloody vagina. You made girls to lady and gave them taste of polygamy. You made their future. They break the social torturous rule and became the bread earner. They left the mud hut and smooch the Champaign in five star hotel. They beckon tourist, foreign money, GDP. Your little drops made them shelf sufficient. I salute the way you suppress and uplift the female society of the world.   

Oh great heart, great preacher of power, extreme misogynist, selfless, self-motivated, sleepless deity, then why this difference? Why charity is not beginning at home? Why your mother, your sister, your wife is not allowed to be part of it. Why your great movement do not start with them? Why they cry in silence to not be the part of this holy chariot? Why their soft skin is untouchable to your hardness? Why they are not getting taste of many male together? Why their child age become waste in babbling? Why your body drops not make your daughter pregnant and get your gene? Why this torture? I am requesting you on behalf of their crying heart. They are yours. Entirely yours. May be they are not good food but those are your food. Please let them part of your journey. Practice makes perfect. Enjoy them, let your friends also enjoy as you share. They will get meat of different ages, they will be happy and your family too. Slowly you become so perfect than you can even rape the Bharatmata, as her pay-off to put her in top position in the world.

Sare jahan se achcha hindusthan hamara.   

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