Saturday, September 24, 2016


Self-annihilation, if failed then killer instinct – that’s what loneliness serves. It might not involve flesh or blood, but it wallop the mind which make sense of your existence.

            As we become more advance in technology we became lonely day by day. We love skype, facetime, IM chat, video calling, texting and blah blah. Those really sounds blah blah to its meaning. A lonely man/woman is lonely because they failed to satisfy the three of their precious sense organ – ear, nose and skin.

            You may argue that the physically challenged people have the same problem. Yes they are. They definitely not able to satisfy some of their organs need. But they do not have the sense of those too. A blind guy has eyes in his ears. A deaf guy can see a movie with subtitle. But you cannot as you have everything intact but not able to use it. You are more paralyzed than them.

            You may start this journey and slowly get phased out by the serious strength of human being – THE Habit. You will be habituated to survive in loneliness. It will make you survive, not live. Living is different. It cheers your existence. It cries with your failure, dance on your success. A lonely room will just give you a YOU which you already be for your whole life.
            A creative person needs loneliness. That’s for true. Because creation needs concentration. And concentration needs lone ether without no crossroads of thinking. In time of creation you are on your own. But any creation has its start and end time. Even god takes rest. And that pause time you are considered as lonely. you need to gather the inspiration of next creation, need ink for your pen, need to sharpen your chisel , but in return you get a room full of your creation which is already a past.

            So there is no cover up for your lonely lifestyle. First it tries to kill you by let you forget the skill of Compromise or Adjust. The most ancient strength of homo-sapiens which develop the social skill and separate human from the animal. You will do everything for you, not for anyone else which leads you to live a very tiny life, just like the frog in the well. You will feel proud of arranging a life for you which you love. But the repeat flower will not blossom in your room. You will cry alone, laugh loudly, sleep alone and masturbate. But when in some point of time of your bread earning muscle movement where you need to compromise/adjust, you will fail miserably because the skill is not there or destroyed.  It will lead to an irrational irritation which stop you to act acceptable social drama.

            Slowly it sweep out your society from your head. You don’t want to give anything and without giving you are not going to get anything. You will feel anger for being cornered. But it’s not their fault. You didn’t allow them to enter in your life and they escaped. Life is like a Venn diagram and you ignored that. Now it’s time to take revenge from the society. Every person have some skill which people need as alms. They don’t want to buy. If you are social then the subconscious social mind will let you donate the skill for the sake of society. If you are lonely, you will be the boss of your subconscious as you have plenty of time to analyse yourself. You will not let anything go, without profit-loss calculation which leads to a social death and killing someone who need your help.

            If you go to a poor community you will hear lots of noise. People are sitting outside of their house. Clouds of people sitting in different places and gossiping. You will hear people laughing, giggling, shouting, cursing, doing all sort of human expression. Now go to the locality where wealth dripping from the beauty of the landscape. There you will get drops of serenity for a piece of time. Snap of time pass by and boredom will attack. Are those wealthy people lonely? Not at all. But yes they have a responsibility to generate wealth and that gives them less time to be actually lonely in their house.

            Lots of newlyweds are staying in two places these days for the reason of their jobs. They call it long distance relationship to glorify the system. But actually the system never worked. It is harmful to both. They looks towards the future and say “we shall overcome some day” but the future stays future for long time. And the male body deprived of the softness and the female body deprived of the hardness, go for temporary hiring of flesh. Society never accepts that, they never wanted to do that but the animal inside the suit want it to survive.

            When you are in certain age of determination of voyage to change the world you always want to “fuck the society”. But slowly after taking too much help from your surrounding you understand that you need to have a social life. You definitely need. A movie can give you temporary happiness, but the shared popcorn and the gossip before movie and dinner after, will give you a bonding. That what you need.

            Seriously, there is no good thing to stay alone. If you are forced to do for a span in your life let friends become your family.  Let them cut your flesh and sell. Let them enter to your deeper secret. Have drinks with the drunk, have puff with the smoker, and go party with the dancer. But do not stay in home if you are not tired. Those habits are better than staying alone and watching movie in a lonely room. Try, and try hard to break the distance between you and your family, if not then break the family and create new. Force them to come and stay with you. There is no shame to kill someone to save yourself. Don’t be gentleman in this fight. You have only one life to live and one youth to spend. Don’t make your career your bed partner. It will never bring you happiness. Go meet with people. They are the only source of happiness.

            And finally, if you still failed to get together, then leave the society and take sanyas only that will give you something meaningful and let you live.

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