Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Navratri is over

Thanks Ma Durga. Finally it’s over. The Navratri is over. No, I am not happy that you are going. I am happy because now those hypocrite, half cooked people will stop staring at my dish full of meat. These nine days I was cursed by lot of people and sided by too many of them in lunch table. Oh no, not this year, every year, while I stay outside of Bengal.

  Few years before when I was new in Mumbai I asked about this to a guy who was staring at my dish just like I had his liver or kidney on my plate. Though he questioned me first, “You Bengali people are really not following the Hindu religion.” I didn’t answered that. But I questioned him, “Do you know what Navratri is your celebrating , BY NOT EATING NON VEG.” with a pure confidence he lifted his eyebrow and answered, “Don’t you really know there are only one Navratri which is celebrated this time of the year.” The Wikipedia page was not created then. So I stopped.  

            There are almost everywhere in India except Bengal, people celebrates this Sharadiya Navratri without knowing what this festival is actually mean. Even they do not know that this is not a one IDOL festival. This is 9 forms of Shakti (Not Durga). Some of the modern ENGLISH spitter answered me, “A festival to celebrate destruction of evil by good.” Same cheap description over and over and over again.

            All right, I am not defending my NON-VEG psychology. I even think vegetarian diet gives extra mileage to your life. But I like to be male Durga for this Nine days to kill these temporary vegetarian people who criticize them who are not same asshole as they are for those days. You follow in your way, I follow in my way. Who the hell you are to say that I am not following (though I am not following at all). That’s the best part of Hinduism, for that only reason I don’t want to drop my religion (Oh no!! Not changing mine. All are talking the same bullshit as other).

            Being a Bengali, Durga Puja (same time Shakti Aradhana of Navratri) is our biggest festival. Our Devi or Shakti kill the Mahisasur around the same time (though it’s Shree Ram’s technical celebration not the actual killing time of Mahisasur) when Ravan got killed by Him. But here she comes with his sons and daughters. Our fore fathers packaged the religious festival so sophistically that we get all festival together and can worship for anything at the same time with the same set of idols. Durga for power, Lakshmi for wealth, Sarasvati for education, Kartika for skill, Ganesh for wisdom, and Shiva for whatever you want. The biggest benefit is this is not a SERIOUS festival.

            Durga puja is a fun filled social gathering of everyone in the community. If you want to do puja -- she is standing right in PANDAL, if you want to dance --  DHAK is there to beat, if you want to fill your stomach --  all VEG – NON-VEG stalls are there, if you hate non veg - ASHTAMI LUCHI is there, if you like to fast -- you have few hours before every day PUSHPANJALI, if you want to use the vacation to see the country --  PUJA SPECIALS are there, if you are hard core non-veg and alcoholic -- then NAVAMI is there….. In short it’s the total entertainment package is there. Just what the Dharma means, “Bind Together.”

            But the same Durga divided the whole India between Bengali and Non-Bengali people. There is no Gujrathi, Marathi, Sindhi, or Tamil Navaratri. But there are Bengali Durga Puja. That’s shameful but what we can do. Our Durga puja is always classified by some bunch of religious assholes who even do not know why they are celebrating the 9 form of Shakti.

            Anyway that’s enough. I don’t want to make it lengthier. Just want to pass a message that it’s not at all a matter that what you are eating or wearing in front-of-God. It’s what you are doing is the matter to HIM/HER… Which alphabetized as KARMA. So don’t look at my dish or stop me to eat anything I like. It’s simply a bad KARMA which influence your next life as a pure non veg DOG.
Shubha Vijaya & happy Dussera.

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