Thursday, January 4, 2018

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - A joke

From centuries, we the greatest civilization promotes an adorable friendly phrase “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. A phrase that beckons all types of people from across the world. We say “Athithi Devo Bhava” - come and we treat you as our God. Come and cherish the paradise on earth. We the people who dilutes all differences via one word “Athithi (visitor)”. We provide food and shelter to everyone who comes to our place. 

Fake nationalism is now in full blow. “Proud to be an Indian” is a THING now. Every now and then, we shade emotional tears seeing the Tiranga flying , but technically “Tiranga” is a gutkha which we used for intoxicate ourselves and spit it out to make the country dirty. We protest everywhere if anyone from any country do any type of disrespectful (which is also fake and confusing) behavior towards our national flag.  We violently protest when we see our flag as doormat, lingerie or napkin. But we treat our monuments like so. 

We can stop Amazon to sell those doormats. We can stop people to write bad things about India. But, how come you will stop them to think about the difference of ideology and deeds. We consider everyone as our family who born as human in any part of the world, but when they come to visit other family member’s monuments, they are charged 100 times more than Indian people. All famous monuments from Incredible India, which are the proof of our colorful history, does displayed as the place of income for the poor India.

We are just showcasing our poverty donated by British and asking for help from rest of the world (Including British) to take us out from it, even after seventy years of Independence. Is it not a cheap? Is it not disgusting to hear from visitors “I don’t mind to pay the amount as it goes to poor.” it never goes to poor. That’s for maintenance of the monuments. But Tajmahal is blackening every day. So where the money goes. 

Let’s not go to the political money bagging theories. Just think of our religious practice which is older than earth (as Hinduism talk about Brahmana) and when God comes to visit us, we ask for their passport and if they do have other than “Ashokstambh” we ask them to pay the price 100 times more. We do trade with our Gods and force them to pay unholy amount of money. We treat our Gods just as if we treat our Dalits - “Serve or Die” “Pay or Go”. We promote differences through this activity. 

Now through Facebook live you can see every monuments people are visiting across the world. Does they charge more if you have a different passport? In USA no one ask me to show my passport when I visit any monuments. Yes, they do discriminate. They are doing now, which is vividly criticized by the world. But they never charged more if you are a “Foreigner”. I even never heard the word “Foreigner” in my long stay in USA. 

Our beloved country is growing and trying to reach the stars. But at the grassroots level we are showing our cheapness of mind. We are famous for our efficient, intellectual and cheap labor across the world but who ever visited the “tyajmyahal” did saw the cheapness of our mind. They came to see Pure minds of India and they came back with the memory of Poor mindset of India.

We take stand for our religious existence and we spit on our religious sentiment by spating on the Holy Scripture in public like this. Photos with this article explains it all and here is the link where you can see the difference.

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