Saturday, November 12, 2016

Long Distance Relationship or Long Term Disturbance

First of all life is not a Globalization 5.0 where you have no need to collocate with your team member. Your partner is technically nothing but your team member who supposed to work with you to solve the problems of life. You need to protect your core family from the greater family. You need to feed them. You need to do a lot many thing which you never thought of. And finally you must fall in love and make it fruitful by converting it to a long term relationship not a long distance one.

            In a long distance relationship always one side controls the others just like the proton and electron. Though they are not staying together but a neutral force neutron aka society keep him/her in an orbit. That’s where the problem arise. If there is any relationship between two opposite sex establish, there is always someone become stronger and someone get weaker. The stronger side always prone to break the relationship.
This is bullshit that mutual relationship keep the bond longer. If one party has nothing to do or not get any other better choice, then it stays. And the stronger party always eager to escape but bounded by something which can be anything.

A relationship start with a promise, “I will not leave you in any circumstances.” But when the ball rolls and both started depending on each other, one of the party leaves for the better future. And the promise got broken. So why do such promises which cannot be kept? Forgot about the “Agni Saakshi” ritual and other marriage kind of thing, when you wait for your partner in scorching heat, thunderstorm or trembling winter did you ever thought to leave her/him or just let them go. No, not at all. This is perfectly designed by the projection of job system. 
            What is the most important thing in your life? Your life. Isn’t it? If so then do you really want to waste a single bit of your youth being staying alone. I believe not. You know by seeing all the old people that they cannot do party like you. Though they have money but don’t have the knee to stand and shout like hell in a crowd of a music show.  You need to spend your youth doing everything you can. This is the best of time, this is the worst of time. It depends on how you are going to spend it.

You never know that when you lose control over your life. People find or chose their partner (Arranged people are not considered) carefully following the principal of cohesion or coupling. If your partner is not complimenting you positively or negatively, you are a perfect asshole. And only you do is shit. But thankfully most of the people do. They think that after marriage, things got change and the sweet relation became bitter day by day. But you know, if there is no fight, someone is compromising and this is the single most expensive word in a relationship.

            This compromise gets bigger when you are in a long distance relationship. You are nothing better than dog/bitch and you need sex. Don’t give me the bullshit of platonic love and blah blah. Those are good in books. Everyone needs sex in regular interval. Men needs softness and woman hardness. And what you are doing in a long distance relationship. Phone sex. What even that mean. Arousing with words and masturbate.  Oh come on that’s not the actual. It’s like the drinking milk without cream. This will really help to reduce stress but cannot bring happiness. “Happiness comes from within” do not work here. Because the WITHIN is already destroyed when you started counting the days of last having sex in your life.

       So is sex is the only thing which leads to breakup. No, not all. Our society brain wash the good people to live without this. But the bad people enjoys the meats from wherever they gets. But the good people put extra burden of work on them to recover from loneliness. And the burden of ExTRA work is always dangerous. You know the problem of extra work is? It slowly lose the “Extra” part. You get habituated with the extra work and your muscles find their way to do it energy efficiently. One day you will complete the extra work in your normal time and start demanding the extra work again. It is infectious and bad for your surroundings who are not in this long distance relationship.

                But still workaholic people survive better than the people who are fun loving and outgoing. Because once their partner is gone, the stop-cock gets popped out. They do not able to control. If they have love with alcohol or the burning of tobacco it fuels the urge of everything. In past they have to find a reason for consuming those, but now those become friend of them.

            Some relationship also generates doubt when they are in distance. No network, phone switch off, internet is down, power cut, slow bandwidth, unusual background noise all leads to think that my partner is with someone or they went back their ex for getting some consolation of loneliness. Lots of people do that. So there is no way to doubt on the partners doubt. It is obvious as trust generates and keep getting stronger with the bonding of the body and the sense organ.
            Your partner knows your smell even you are sweaty. They know how you will react when touched in neck. They know how you sound when you depressed. They know how what type of dress you like. Now all of a sudden most of the things are missing. So how you can expect they will trust you.

            It all leads you to a long term disturbance in your social and family life. And you should take the blame. Because there are several writing and stories of disturbed couple in the internet. You read, but ignored because you think you are special. No, you are not. In term of relationship you are part of human kind. Not human alien. You let him/her go. You didn’t stop or force her/him. You want the extra money to come to your family income. You want her/him to study more to do something in her life. You did it for the sake of her/his life and ignore yours. That’s a terrible mistake you did.

            There is no one important than you. If you consider it as love then you are fool. Love is to show the path while staying together. Togetherness is the only way to build a relationship. And there is simply nothing called long distance relationship. Its long term disturbance.  And to avoid, just fight. Fight like dog. Don’t let her/him go. Once you win the battle there is always weep, sob, grunting. Offer your shoulder to cry, accept that you destroyed his/her career, let him/her slap you and get rid of their anger. But ultimately no one cry or get angry for long term. Eventually everything cool down and they will find out a middle working relationship. That’s what you need. Go fight for that. 

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