Saturday, August 6, 2016

Don’t spread hate

Hate, a perfect word to feel, discuss and sale. It’s widely known that either you love people or hate them. But most of us ogle hatred only. We love to hate and politician and future makers utilize it and divert our linear thinking to hate someone. We also teach our kids to hate something. We teach them to hate something bad. But who decides, what is good or what is bad? Us! Who even diverted by the hate of masses.

Hate, can be used as a weapon, hate can be used as an armour; hate always have a reason and reasons are full of error. Ricky, 8 hates his mother Irina, 30 because she don’t buy Lego for him. Irina hate her life as she hate her pervert husband Sam, 32 who sleep with other woman and don’t buy a toy for their kid. Sam hate his boss as she force him to spend nights with her which eventually showcase him as pervert , but can’t leave the job as he has responsibility of a homemaker wife and a lovely kid.

            When I was a teenager, my dad brought a cigarette one time to me to generate hate against the bitter taste of the nicotine smoke. I coughed bitterly and started hating it, which brought a winning smile to my father’s face. Now I use the hate as armour and love the smoke taste to give my tensed nerve a bit relief. My wife hates my smoking habit and she use the hate as armour when we have fight. I even hate her for not making breakfast for me and hate the way she sleep while I struggle to find my things to be prepare for office.

            We all hate religious practices, but also hate people who left God aside. We hate Islamist radicals for killing people, and hate whole rational Muslim community. And Malala hate Taliban as they don’t let her read. Unfortunately, lots of student including me hate to study.

            Gautama Buddha hated violence and became Buddha. Buddhist hates Muslims and killing people in Burma. Jihadist hates Muslim killers and they killed millions of innocents (including many Muslims). Jesus struggled to death by roman. And pre dominated Roman Catholics are hated by Protestants.

            Moses left Egypt to save people from hate. And now Jews are killing Arabs in Israel spreading hate. The most peaceful Jerusalem is now a place to hate. Jews forgot the suffering from hate by nonsense Nazi holocaust and now become one of the symbols of hate.

            Hindus in India hate Islam as Islam hated Hindus in time before Akbar the Great. Now they kill Muslims in Riot and Mujaheed returns to take revenge in peaceful city of Mumbai. People of Kashmir, the heaven on earth hate to join to India and Pakistan hates to refuse the land which is never be the part of them.

            Religion changed its meaning. In Sanskrit (Dharma) it means which hold. In Latin (Religare) this means ‘to bind’. Now the meaning is ‘Which spreads Hatred’.

            Even in a religion free country United States of America, we see hatred sold in large. White people (which means nothing) hates Black (which also mean nothing) people, without any reason. Teenagers hate to remove the ear buds to hear parent’s advice as they are hearing black dominated music industry. Black hate white back and reason is they are oppressed till date even they have a black president and Lincoln died for them 150 years ago.

Americans hates Japanese car as they dominating the NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) market. But Sushi is biggest hit in America, more than Japan itself. Even the never ending hate of Korea and US never exist when a Korean Grocer sales Indian Okra to Caucasian customer. They all hate each other.

Americans hates immigrants as they taking away the jobs from them forgetting that no one is son of the soil on the land of opportunity. They are fighting against illegal immigration but hire illegal workers in meat industry as they are cheap.

            This is a never ending cycle of hate. We show hate when we need, we show love when we need. Smart people only wait, till you show something and they grab the opportunity to extract you. Rape of Nanking and Congo were the two big incidents where to demonstrate Victory, thousands of girls got raped. Japanese raped Chinese to spread fear. But they spread hates to humanity. Your action is your acceptance. You can scare people by your loud voice and inhuman action or you can dominate people by your love and hospitality. Hitler and Gandhi both were fighting for a cause. They dominate people, only the way was Different.

            So don’t hate, when you know it results nothing but casualty of human life. You know the small girl you bombed yesterday can able to paint Mona Lisa more beautiful than Vinci? Did you hear the melodious voice of the boy whom you beheaded only because he was non-Muslim? Did you ever read the story of the white beard of the old man who left unattended in the pit of death by you? No, you just follow orders. You follow orders from them who use your hate as weapon. So hate to “Hate”. Flowers have bees, fragrance can be venom and even green leave became dry someday. So stop spreading hate. See the better in everything. You cannot change the world but you can change yourself and if you sow a seed it will give shade to someone who will put a seed again. 

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